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Our History

In 1986 MAXITILE, Inc. was established in California for the commercialization and distribution of Fiber Cement Roofing and Siding products for the United States and Canada. During the next decade, MAXITILE invested much time into research and technology in order to improve the science behind MAXITILE® products. After 24-years with headquarters in Carson, California, MAXITILE® moved to Houston, Texas and reorganized our efforts. As a member of Elementia, we are backed with over 75 years of manufacturing industry experience in fiber cement, concrete and metals for the building business.

In 2014, we began refining the overall positioning of the company and focusing entirely on our fiber cement roofing products. Since then, the company has become stronger than ever and because of our growth; we have been able to serve more customers. Thanks to the improved quality of our products, trust of our partners, commitment to innovate and the exceptional customer service provided by our employees; we have achieved high degrees of national and international recognition.

MAXITILE® remains durable, reliable and the only fiber cement roofing product in North America. Staying competitive in this field has always been challenging, but we know that if our customers are satisfied with money-saving, top quality products, then we will remain leaders in our industry. Our vision has always been to be recognized across North America as a better alternative for fiber cement products while providing the highest value to our distributors and consumers.

A combination of integrity, imagination and innovation has kept us going strong and we promise to stand by our customers and our company code of conduct until the end of time

The Code of our Company

At MAXITILE®, we have always lived by an unwritten code of conduct based on timeless values for how we operate. "The Code" governs how we treat our customers, partners, vendors and MAXITILE® family members. We decided to share these important rules of conduct so everyone can see our philosophy and deep commitment to doing business right.

  • Do things right the first time. 
  •  Loyalty is earned and should never be taken for granted. 
  •  Honesty isn't a policy; it's a reflection of our character.
  •  Our word is our bond. A handshake is more binding than a contract.

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