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Protect your family

MAXITILE fiber cement roofing products are backed by an unprecedented 50-year transferrable warranty giving families the comfort in knowing that they have invested wisely in life’s biggest assets: home and family. Homeowners know that when they live under a MAXITILE roof, they will benefit from built-in protection due to our advanced fiber cement engineering.

New or repaired roofs will safeguard a home against harsh elements and the daily impact of life. For some families a new roof will help the home become more energy efficient and increase the value of the home. Since structurally sound roofs are more beneficial in the long run, families turn to the strongest roofing materials to protect their investment. With a MAXITILE fiber cement roof, owners can rest assured that the roof will always remain cool to the touch and adapt to any climate.

MAXITILE fiber cement roofing products offer homeowners a better ROI due to its long-lasting durability and resilience. When determining which material is best suited for the roofing structure of a home, look for the overall benefits of fiber cement compared to other materials.

Roofing Comparison

To see which types of roofing provide the best and longest protection for a structure, view the comparison chart of asphalt shingles, clay, metal and fiber cement.

Asphalt Shingles Clay Metal MAXITILE Fiber Cement
Natural Texture, Attractive        
Low Maintenance        
Won't Fade        
Easy to Install        

Style By Design

Although a roof may not be the first thing you notice about a house, it says much about the style and personality of a home. Go for an authentic look by choosing MAXITILE’S staggered or straight edged SHAKELITE roofing that offers the look of real cedar creating a design that’s warm and inviting for a lifetime. SHAKELITE works well with gently sloping roofs on ranch houses and classic, historical Craftsman designs.

The stylish look of a roof will not only add top-quality curb appeal to a home, but MAXITILE fiber cement roofing will help protect your wallet from the costly damages of harsh weather, daily impacts of life and insect infestation. Your roofing design shouldn’t suffer because you want raise a stronger roof for less.

Whether you choose a Euro-slate design, terra cotta Tuscany style or natural looking cedar panels, you’ll benefit from the toughness of long-life concrete materials coupled with long-lasting, low maintenance benefits.

Easy Installation

We understand saving money on quality roofing materials and installation labor is a top priority for families buying a new roof. That’s why MAXITILE engineered an easier installation system that is preferred by the pros and packs plenty of value for homeowners.

Through the technological advancements in framing achieved by MAXITILE fiber cement specialists, we have been able to reduce the overall weight of our roofing materials. Heavy or standard concrete tile needs additional framing and foundation to support a roof, but MAXITILE’S lightweight material leads homeowners to saving money on a roofing project because MAXITILE requires less labor to install.

Lightweight Materials

Through scientific advancements achieved by MAXITILE’s fiber cement experts, we have been able to reduce the overall weight of our roofing materials to help lower cost in installation labor. Heavy or standard concrete tile needs additional framing and foundation to support the roof, but MAXITILE’s lightweight formula eliminates the need for extra framing.

For example, comparatively, MAXITILE SLATELITE roofing materials weigh considerably less than traditional slate, meaning that the price is cheaper and there is less labor needed for the installation. The most notable constraint when it comes to installing traditional slate tile roofing on a home is its substantially higher price tag. Not to mention, that slate roofing tile has tough installation requirements due to the breakability of real slate tiles and major complications from having to replace damaged slate tiles during and after a job.

According to a national roofing magazine, "many roofing contractors and General Contractors know very little about the installation requirements for slate roofs. But unknown to homeowners, contractors won’t admit it. And although, traditional slate is durable, the estimated weight of slate roofing tile is anywhere between 800 and 1,500 pounds per square (100 square feet). Because of the heaviness, homeowners should have the structure residence evaluated before choosing traditional slate.

But there’s a better alternative. MAXITILE SLATELITE is lightweight, easy to install and won’t break and crack during installation. The maintenance is low and the look is authentic. Why lug around more weight than you need?

Even if a slate look isn’t your choice, compare real wood and clay to long-lasting fiber cement roofing materials.

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